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Art.No.: 532101
Multi-input multiband amplifier, perfect for terrestrial individual or MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) installations, that allows programming up to 32 digital filters on 4 VHF+UHF inputs (DTT). The multiband amplifier is equipped with 5 inputs: FM-4xVHF/UHF, and can achieve programmable amplification and balancing of the different RF inputs. Thanks to ASuite, the multiband amplifier programming is very easy and intuitive using an Android or Windows application. The Pro model includes the autoprogramming function that allows the multiband amplifier to self-program and self-adjust. The LED indicators on the equipment follow the procedure, displaying whether it was executed successfully Besides, it allows VHF/UHF signal monitoring of both level and SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and produces an installation report (PDF file). The multiband amplifier is able to detect LTE signals and automatically set the filter to channel 48 (for LTE700) or 60 (for LTE790), thanks to the automatic LTE filtering.
TELEVES, S.A. Manufacturer: TELEVES, S.A.
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Technical specifications
number of inputs/outputs 5/1
inputs 4x programovatelné vstupy VHF/UHF (174-230, 470-694/790 MHz) _ 1x vstup FM (87-110 MHz)
number of programmable UHF filters 32 ( lze libovolně přiřadit k programovatelným vstupům )
number of channels per filter 1 až 4
gain automatické (max 75 dB pro program vstrupy, max 29 dB pro FM)
0-5 dB (pouze pro programovatelné vstupy)
± 3 dB
noise figure 6 dB pro VHF/UHF), 7 dB (FM)
40 - 100 dBµV pro VHF/UHF
90 - 115 dBµV pro VHF/UHF, 87-112 dBµV pro FM
max. output level (IMD2 -60 dB) 115 dBµV
>65 dB (± 8 MHz), >30 dB (± 1 MHz)
voltage/current preamplifier mast ON / OFF / AUTO (12 V/ 50 mA (zapínatelné pouze pro programovatelné vstupy)
mains supply voltage 196-254V/ 231 mA , 50/60 Hz, 14 W
-5°C až +45°C
protection index IP20
connectors F-konektor (F-connector)
weight 0,92 kg
dimension 226 x 120 x 53 mm
 Art.No.: 5750